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  • November 30, 2022
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Online recruitment has been limited to job listings platforms such as Seek and more recently LinkedIn. Whilst popular, these platforms offer basic candidate management functionality and are limited in their capabilities to filter out talented professionals. There has never been an online recruitment platform to assist Employers in finding talented professionals perfect for their advertised roles, until now.

Aircruiter is bringing the world of recruitment ahead of the game in Australia, by empowering employers and rewarding respected professionals in the recruitment market. Aircruiter is an online recruitment marketplace where employees are notified of jobs that match their expertise, posted by employers for free. Aircruiters are exclusively leaders who meet specific criteria in their industries, with an accomplished employment history, an extensive professional network and alignment with company values. This talented network of employees can also earn a referral fee for each candidate they refer.  

Online Recruitment Agencies

Online recruitment agencies are few and far between, with very limited (if any) options that are truly exclusively online. Aircruiter is the Uber of online recruitment, connecting esteemed industry leaders with employers looking to source the best candidates for their business.

Aircruiter works by providing professionals across a range of industries the opportunity to connect with businesses seeking their expertise. Employees looking for online recruitment agencies will be matched to their dream position or refer their colleagues onto specifically suited roles.

Online Recruitment Benefits 

Aircruiter has a wide range of online recruitment benefits, making the recruitment process for businesses simple. With more streamlined processes, Aircruiter cuts out the middleman providing employers with direct access to a network of leading professions. Aircruiter is also a more cost effective and time efficient process and empowers the employer to select the best candidate for their business with increased transparency and fast results. 

Aircruiter generates the opportunity for employees to earn additional income by being successful in their industry and allows them to network with other like-minded professionals. This creates more opportunities for businesses to connect with the right individuals for the role, with leading professionals recommending only the best in their industry.

Online Recruitment Advantages

The online recruitment advantages of creating your Aircruiter account are astounding. Aircruiter provides a simplified and efficient recruitment strategy, to connect employers with leading professionals in their industry. Aircruiter allows direct access to an online recruitment network with advantages of exclusively hosting industry-leading professionals only. 

Aircruiter empowers the employer to find the ideal employees for the role posted, with increased transparency and fast results among some of the wide range of online recruitment advantages of the platform.

Online Recruitment Methods

When it comes to online recruitment methods, many businesses are familiar with the likes of Seek, or LinkedIn. An employer posts their ideal job role, waits for applicants to apply, hoping the candidates will be of high quality and in the market for a new career. The employer then sifts through all the poor applications, looking for their golden star applicant.

With Aircruiter, the online recruitment method is simple. Employers list their open role, which is immediately shared with a network of professionals who are the leading, most well respected and well-connected professionals in their industries. These professionals can then suggest available candidate/s who are most suited to this role, based on their intimate knowledge of their craft and industry. This streamlined process provides employers with direct access to a network of leading professionals, allowing for time and cost-effective online recruitment methods.

Online Recruitment Process

Simplifying the online recruitment process is the core mission behind the Aircruiter network. Reinventing recruitment to simplify and streamline professionals’ online recruitment process, allowing employers to connect with respected employees in their industry. Allowing businesses to reach a network of industry experts and providing businesses seeking talent with perfectly suited candidates.

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