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After years in advertising, creative director Rob Garwood’s creative and cinematic work is elevated by his ability to produce ideas that marry what’s possible with what’s needed. As a keen and natural observer of human life, Rob facilitates and explores the original creative process with the people who want to see and shape those ideas into materiality.


Finding warmth and opportunity in almost everything, Rob has spent his career pairing the creative process with radical attention to detail. And with a profound sense of empathy and humour, Rob has produced award-winning content and commercials for clients like Coopers Brewery, Leukaemia Foundation, Sapporo Beer, AutoGuru, LEGO and Tourism Queensland.


As a diverse and adaptable talent, creatively led and culturally aware, Rob combines technical precision with an expressive visual style to create works that span traditional live-action and animation by often taking the old and familiar and making them remarkably new.

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